Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives are SDSLHA members who serve as volunteers. The Representatives organize networking and socializing opportunities for professionals in SDSLHA with other professionals in each region. They also highlight programs in the region to let other SDSLHA members know what is happening. 

Interact with other professionals in your area through the Regional Discussion Forums.  

  1. Northwest: open
  2. Northcentral: open
  3. Northeast: open 
  4. Rapid City Area: Sam Drury  
  5. Central: Jackie Protexter and Brenda Nedved  
  6. Sioux Falls Area: Bridget Page  
  7. Southwest:  Kris Kirchgasler 
  8. South Central: Laura Bergeleen and Tania Witt   
  9. Southeast: Candace Zweifel   

Become a Regional Representative: Contact SDSLHA