Award for Volunteerism:

This award recognizes an SDSLHA member who has made significant and outstanding volunteer contributions to SDSLHA and serves as a model of volunteerism to others. The award acknowledges the volunteer time and efforts of current members including those who, through employment and/or life constraints, may not have been afforded the opportunity to hold one of the highest elected positions in the Association. Individuals may be nominated for exceptional contributions that have had subsequent impact on the professions, SDSLHA members, and clients. These contributions may have occurred over a defined period of time or over a period of many years and may include service on various committees, boards, councils, and/or Board of Directors.

Access the Membership Directory to confirm that your nominee is an SDSLHA member.

The following information should be submitted in one Word or PDF document:

  • Nominee's name and contact information
  • Nominator's name and contact information
  • Sponsor's letter of support describing the nominee's distinguished contribution to the field of speech, language, and/or hearing which has enhanced or altered the course of the professions
  • Evidence of support for the nomination through letters, statements, or a combination of both
2023 SDSLHA Award Nomination Form Available Summer 2023